Why the name "SeanNua"?

It’s all in the name….

Did you know that “Sean” is Gaelic for “Old” and “Nua” is Gaelic for “New”?

Our name, SeanNua Farm, was born out of the marriage of these two words.

Here at SeanNua Farm, we do not believe we are re-inventing the wheel or doing anything extraordinary in our work. We are a regenerative, small scale, mixed farm…but when you look back a little in history, all farms were small-scale mixed farms.

Farmers grew their own vegetables and raised meat in order to be self-sufficient!

At SeanNua Farm, we are bringing back this old way of mixed, small-scale farming with a new twist in our regenerative farming techniques and in our direct sales model.

We believe in and have a real love & passion for real food!

The sort of food that makes you healthy, makes you feel good, AND allows you to have a clean conscience!

It’s simple really…and we are nothing but simple folk looking to live a simple life!