You are already a part of the SeanNua Farm story…

If you are here, #respect & #kudos, as it means you are conscious of the
impact your food choices will have on you and your loved one’s health and the
wider environment. You are interested in the origin of your food and how it is
raised, grown, produced.

Our Ethos

"This magical, marvellous food on our plate, this sustenance we absorb, has a story to tell. It has a journey. It leaves a footprint. It leaves a legacy. To eat with reckless abandon, without conscience, without knowledge; folks, this ain’t normal."

We couldn’t agree more with this quote from the ultimate farm rockstar that is Mr. Joel Salatin.

So let us tell you our story…

What's hot?

From our Chemical Free No-Dig Market Garden Vegetables to our top quality Pasture Raised Eggs and some happy surprises along the way, this is food you simply cannot buy in the supermarkets ! 

  • Grass & Leaf Fed Beef

    Our Beef Boxes contain a mix of roasts, steaks, diced meat, stir fry and mince. 

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  • Pasture Raised Goose

    Pasture Raised Goose sold oven ready.

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